Blogging With A Newborn

On January 5th, 2012, I gave birth to my beautiful son William after a perfect labour. The pregnancy was difficult due to hyperemesis gravidarum (upchucking every day the entire pregnancy) but it ended the moment he came out and things have been amazing ever since.

I haven’t felt this great in a long time although I could use a few more hours of sleep! Every moment of sickness throughout the pregnancy was worth it now that I can hold my new baby in my arms. My health issues that I was struggling with prior to the pregnancy have virtually disappeared so we’ve decided our William is a healer baby!

His daddy is a healer too. He took care of me so well and never complained once even though he had to do a lot of disgusting things like empty my “puke bowl” every day. I was too sick to even make it to the bathroom. He rubbed my feet, brought me meals in bed, made me laugh and told me I was beautiful every day even though I felt like death. I’ve never felt so blessed.

Now that I’m feeling better I’m gradually getting back into a routine and doing more things that I haven’t been able to do in almost a year. I thought posting to this blog could be one of those things. I’ve missed it terribly and I have so many things I’d like to write about.

It will be slow going because I rarely have two free hands to type with but I’ll do my best. In the meantime, I’ll be spending most of my time holding my new little one and enjoying every single nanosecond of it!

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I’m still alive

I just wanted to drop a quick note at this poor old dusty blog of mine to let my lovely readers know that I’m taking some time off due to health issues. I’ve been going through some stuff for awhile now and I’m not sure if there is a light at the end of the tunnel yet or not so I’m putting all my online endeavors on pause.

I love blogging and I love working for my amazing clients but right now my health comes first. I’ll try to post on Twitter now and again so feel free to follow me if you’d like to catch up.

Until then, take care!

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Remote Blogging – How do you do it?

My boyfriend and I were driving to his mom’s house the other day when a strong urge to blog came over me. I doubt there are many bloggers out there who don’t know what I’m talking about. I knew that if I didn’t get those words out of my head, they would fade away into the obscurity that is my brain and never return so I wrote those literary mofo’s down on a scrap of paper with a pen that was almost out of ink.

I’m notorious for being way behind the times. I think I was the second last person in town to own a cell phone. I was definitely the last person in town to figure out how to text properly. This brings me to my question – how do you blog when you’re not at home? Do you use your cell phone? Do you drink gallons of coffee while you blog at a cafe? Do you talk into a voice recorder and type it out when you get home?

Or do you write on scraps of paper or napkins with an old linty pen like me?

I’d like to find a more efficient way of doing it, so please tell me how you do it! :)

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Get Your Home Office Organized for 2010

ducks in a row

As the new year approaches, I’ve been obsessing more and more about what 2010 is going to bring me – or rather, what I’m going to achieve in 2010. I’ve got some pretty hefty goals set and one of those goals is to get so organized, it will make me want to puke. To say that I like to have my ducks in a row is an understatement. I need my ducks perfectly aligned and if one feather is out of place, I don’t run at optimal speed.

My passions and interests have changed drastically over the last decade but one thing that always stays the same is the fact that I’m an organizing freakshow. I love to be organized and I love finding new ways to become even more sickenly organized.

Motivation and inspiration are two big things for me. I need one to jump start the other, but I need to be organized before I can even begin to be either. I continuously make more money each month and I can thank my insane organizing skills for the majority of it.

Working online involves a lot of juggling, no matter what, and it’s not a skill that everybody has. Some people actually work better when their desks are piled miles high with random papers, dirty dishes, nail clippings and remnants of snacks from weeks before. If that’s you, no need to read further.

On the other hand, if you’re like me, here are some handy resources to check out so you can get your organizing skills in shape for the new year:

Organizing Your Home Office – Links

A designer’s tips for organizing the home office with some style – 5 tips for organizing a home office.

Nicole Balch is the Queen of making organization pretty. Check out her studio to see what I mean. File FoldersThere’s nothing like some pleasantly eye-catching file folders to encourage you to get organized and stay organized.

Clutter is evil. At least for me it is. That’s what the unclutterer blog rocks, and in particular, the office organization archive.

Lifehacker has some worthy home office hacks to think about while you’re in organizing-mode.

If nothing else in your house is organized, at least your computer should be. Read How to Create a Minimalist Computer Experience.

20 Time-Saving Tips to Improve Designer’s Workflow – Even if you’re not a web designer, there are tips in this post that can not only help you organize your Mac or PC, but they can save you loads of time especially if you deal with a lot of images while blogging.

Organize your browser. Organize your desktop. Organize your folders. If you’re bold enough, branch out from your office area and organize other areas of your house too. It’s much easier to keep each room clean and in order when the rest of the house is too. Otherwise, the clutter creep will rear it’s ugly head in no time flat.

If staying organized isn’t your strong suit, keep these resources handy and plug away at them as you have time. You’ll find that the more organized you get, the more time you have to get more organized! Or spend time with family and other important things like that…

So what are your favorite organizing tips or resources?

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Which Web Browser is Best?


Check out this Performance Comparison of Major Web Browsers.

Google Chrome killed it!

In summary:

Up yours Internet Explorer. And you know what? Up yours too Firefox!

I’ve been having so many issues with Firefox lately that I had to completely give up on it and use Chrome as my default browser. Many of my Firefox add-ons weren’t compatible with the latest version and the ones that were compatible were slowing it down. I’m careful with my add-ons and I didn’t have too many to begin with so this was unacceptable for me.

I’m really loving Chrome. It’s fast and it looks pretty damn cool. I have mine set up with the chrome finish so my browser looks all slick-like.


I’m not even that disappointed that I can’t use the add-ons I was so dependent on with Firefox. I don’t even miss them.

You can’t right click on an image in Chrome and set it as your desktop wallpaper which is sad, but you can right click on anything you want to and “inspect element”. This is a super handy tool for web developers, designers, internet marketers, etc. If you use Firebug for Firefox, this tool is very similar.

It’s definitely worth trying Chrome out if you haven’t already.

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