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Must have manuals for Internet Marketers

I’ve been a long time subscriber of Paul Myers’ TalkBiz Newsletter for three reasons. He’s funny, he’s insanely good at what he does, and he has a knack for saying something profound in each one of his newsletters.

Every time I read one, I’m inspired and end up thinking about things in a completely different way which helps me continue to grow – both personally and in my business.

A few newsletters back, when talking about Internet Marketing “Gurus”, he said this:

These folks are not smarter than you, they’re not better than you, and they don’t have mystic Kung Fu powers. At most, they’re a few blocks further down the sidewalk.

So jog a little.

Think about that. Doesn’t that give you a surge of motivation and make you want to work hard? That’s one of the main reasons why I enjoy Paul’s newsletters so much.

You want to join the big leagues? Pick up the pace a little. Work a few extra hours. Go above and beyond. Kick some ass!

If you need a nudge in the right direction, read his report “Why Johnny Can’t Sell”. I read it as soon as he emailed his list about it and I’ve read it a few times since. It’s that good.

If you can read at least 10 pages of it and put any of the ideas you get from it into action today, you’re leaps and bounds ahead of the masses.

If you sign up for the free newsletter, you’ll also get “Need to Know” which is another great report I’ve read more than once. That puppy is stuffed to the nines with useful nuggets that any Internet Marketer can use.

Two light-weight programs for bloggers and web designers

I wanted to point out a couple resources that two of my excellent readers recommended in the hopes that they will be useful to you.

Chris from AB Web Design says the best tool he has found for color sampling is Pixie. It’s a tiny little program that tells you what the hex, RGB, HTML, CMYK and HSV values are for a particular color. You simply hold your mouse over the color you want.

I do this a lot of times when I see a color in a photo or on a website that I love. Now, instead of opening up Fireworks (which takes an eternity on my piece of crap machine) to find out what the hex value is, I can open up Pixie instantly and find out. Very handy.

Jack from ZedProMarketing.com uses Treepad. I haven’t used it too much yet but I can see it’s like Notepad (for keeping text files) but with a lot more features. Plus it is a much smaller program than OpenOffice or MS Office so it’s much easier to load and keep running while you’re working on other things.

For bloggers and/or web designers who have computers that are lacking in speed and memory (like mine!), these two programs are great options. Thanks for the recommendations guys!

All Green Content – Free PLR

Content is what makes the internet go ’round. Any website owner knows this. Unfortunately, we don’t always have the time to create all that content ourselves. Not only that, but sometimes we just don’t have the knowledge about certain topics. In this case, turning to private label rights (PLR) is a great option.

Alice Seba and Mila Sidman have recently launched All Green Content and they’re giving away a free 5-pack of articles about all things green. Grab your copy here.

You can put these articles on your website, break them up into smaller “tips” and mail them out to your subscribers, or you can turn them into a short report and sell it! It’s up to you. Here’s what you get:

  • Easy Ways to Make your Home More Eco-Friendly
  • Organic Chemical Free Gardening
  • Natural Homemade Beauty Recipes
  • Getting Started with Homeopathy
  • Nature – The Ultimate Playground for Kids

These are definitely topics that a lot of people are really interested in right now.

Free Green PLR

Beauty tips for the work at home mom?

I’m a WAHM. Do I really need beauty tips?

Hell to the yes!

I was just thinking back on the period in my life when I didn’t give two sharts about my appearance. I also realized that it was most definitely one of the most depressing times in my life.

I didn’t care about myself. I wasn’t happy with my life. I had absolutely no self-esteem. So why bother trying to make myself look a little better when I really didn’t care?

I’m not sure what it was, but something inside me eventually snapped. I was an unhappy person and it was reflecting on the people I loved most. I needed to change that. And I did.

I’m certainly not saying that I’m perfect now. I still have my bad days. But I’m doing much better. I care about how I look and feel and I believe that this directly affects my children.

I also believe a small part of that is due to having a few handy beauty tips in my arsenal. I won’t be winning any beauty pageants, but it’s a great feeling to go out in public and not look like you just spent the weekend in a soggy cardboard box in a dirty alley.

Positive changes like the ones I’ve gone through are achieved by working on both inside and out, physically and mentally. I’m not a therapist so I won’t attempt to fix your insides or your brain, but I can help you out with a few beauty tips.

beautytipsI just added a report to my Freebies page that I forgot I had. I wrote it for my subscribers for another website, but I wanted to share it with you as well. A little really can go a long way, so if you’re stuck in the same slump I was in, give this report a read. Even better than that, act on it! Especially the first tip. You’ll be glad you did.

Download the free beauty tips report here.

December calendars for your computer desktop

I love me some desktop Wallpapers, especially from Smashing Magazine.

I change my desktop wallpaper more than I change my underwear, but I think I’ll leave this one up for a little while. My daughter doesn’t get that the snowman is peeing his pants (or would you say “peeing his snowball?”) but she really likes it so she won’t let me change it.

I love these wallpapers that SM puts out every month. As well as being a to-do list freak, I also love calenders. I also spend a lot of time on my computer, as most bloggers do, so it only makes sense to stick a calender right on to my desktop.

There are plenty to choose from and most of them have a holiday theme to them. Check them out.