Making money with special reports

moneyIf you have a blog or website, chances are you’ve heard of special reports. You probably even have a bunch saved on your computer that you’ve downloaded from other websites.

But did you know that you can be raking in some decent cash by creating your own special reports?

Special reports are generally short PDF or audio files that are tightly focused on one topic. They’re great for building an email list, generating traffic to your website, and promoting and selling your own products or affiliate products.

You don’t need to be an award-winning author to create special reports. You can create them even if you despise writing. Just make a recording of yourself or you interviewing someone, and have it transcribed into text format. Simple right?

There are lots of ways you can go about creating and marketing your special reports, and I’ve got all that information for you in one handy, idea-packed special report. Go figure hey? You’ll also find out how to profit from your own special reports and how to turn it into passive income. You can learn more about creating and profiting from special reports here.

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